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Coastline Fish and Chip Restaurant offers the nation’s favourite dish using only the highest quality ingredients, passing it on to you at great value and portions which will leave you more than satisfied.

Award Winning Fish & Chips

Our Own Gluten Free Gelato!

Made on the premises. Available in a huge range of flavours from classic vanilla, to coconut, tiramisu, blue popping candy and mojito!

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The great taste, high nutritional value and affordable price of Fish and Chips has ensured a 150 year reign at the top of the British menu. It is a dish popular amongst people of all ages and one which you can adjust to suit your taste buds by adding a variety of tasty extras.

All of our Cod and Haddock are from well managed, sustainable waters and the freshness is evident in both succulence, taste and appearance. The fish is served skinless and boneless in our own, secret recipe, crispy batter.

Our potato merchant informs us weekly on the best batch of British potatoes available for our chips. For one month of the year we use Spanish potatoes, because the British ones are too new out of the ground and they don’t fry.

Fish & Chips

Ice Cream / Gelato

Who wouldn’t be tempted to try our delicious, award winning, home made Italian ice-cream?

Available in a range of cones, tubs, oysters and wafers, or you could try a more lavish Ice Cream Sundae, our menu brings a proper Ice Cream parlour to the North East coast!

We make it fresh and on the premises in our ice cream factory using only the finest ingredients sourced from Italy, cream and milk from the local dairy.

We have a huge range of flavours from classic vanilla, to coconut, tiramisu, blue popping candy and mojito!

We also make our own sorbets and frozen yoghurts for those of you who could be watching the waistline!

Due to our popularity we've always needed to keep expanding! We opened our restaurant in March 2016 to allow more customers to sit and experience our amazing fish & chips.

As a restaurant we now offer proper Italian Pizza, Great Burgers and Fried Chicken, along with our usual fantastic fish & chips.

You can order our award winning Gelato in a tub or cone and we've expanded upon our deserts to offer Milk Shakes & Ice Cream Sundays.