About Us


All of our Cod and Haddock are from well managed, sustainable waters and the freshness is evident in both succulence, taste and appearance. The fish is served skinless and boneless in our own, secret recipe, crispy batter.

Our potato merchant informs us weekly on the best batch of British potatoes available for our chips. For one month of the year we use Spanish potatoes, because the British ones are too new out of the ground and they don’t fry.

You will see a sign in the restaurant which tells you which type of potato you are currently eating, and where it is from. 

We only ever use the best frying potatoes, and we do not par fry, so the customer will always get the best possible chips.

We use literally tons of potatoes in a week, so you can be rest assured that you are always eating fresh.

We also use the highest grade vegetable oil, suitable for vegetarians, and doesn’t contain any hydrogenated fats.


You can enjoy our Fish and Chips as part of the legendary ‘Coastline special’ which includes a choice of either Cod, Haddock, or Cod bites with the traditional accompaniments of home made mushy peas, salad, bread and butter, with tea, coffee or a soft drink of your choice.

It’s not only Fish and Chips that we are good at!

Chef recommendations include our home-made fish cakes in a variety of flavours, home made cheese or corned beef patties, and of course all of the favourites in the best quality possible, that you would expect to see on our menu.